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Residential for Lease

Looking to rent?

Prime Real Estate Company can help you find a rental property that fits your wants and needs.


Commercial for Lease

Looking for office or retail space?

Prime Real Estate can help you find a commercial space that fits your criteria.


Rent Your Home

Looking to rent your home?

We can help you find the right tenant to rent your home. We understand that renting your home to the right tenant is important, that is why we provide:

    • Full background check
    • Full credit check
    • Rental history check (last 2 years)
    • A check for local county evictions or judgments
    • Lease contract (owners can also provide their own lease contract)
    • Accept security deposit and first month’s rent for owner
    • An initial walk through at the beginning of the lease with checklist and closing walk through at the end of the lease with a checklist.

We also offer Property Management services for property owners. Learn more about our Property Management Services here

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